A government that's refusing to act,is a government that's begging to be sued.

Our lawsuit plans

We are planning to take all necessary legal avenues to put pressure on the Quebec government to implement the X gender marker on IDs. We’re currently evaluating all possible options.

Want to support us? The easiest way is to make a donation! Any money raised will eventually be used to initiate or facilitate lawsuits related to “X” gender markers in Québec, whether ours or not.


The funds will be managed by Juritrans, a federally incorporated non-profit. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, the manner in which the funds will be spent will be subject to an Special General Meeting on the part of Juritrans, or a Community General Meeting managed by Celeste Trianon (the Executive Director of the said organization).

In the event that we have too many funds left over, or are unable to use them, they will be used either to facilitate name-change applications across Canada, and/or to fund other lawsuits concerning the rights of trans and non-binary people in Québec or in the rest of Canada.

More to come!