As part of our access-to-justice efforts and to make certain legal and administrative affairs easier, we’ve developed – and are actively maintaining – a list of trans-friendly commissioners for oaths who work for, or who wish to specifically serve, trans and 2SLGBTQ+ communities. Additionally, this list includes many trans and non-binary commissioners for oaths themselves.

Do you want to add yourself to this list, or wish to complain regarding someone on said list? Send an email to Celeste Trianon at

When should I contact a commissioner for oaths?

Commissioner for oaths can administer affidavits. These are required in many different scenarios:

  • legal proceedings
  • name change, gender marker change applications
  • consent letters for children travelling outside of Canada
  • obtaining certain documents, such as replacement diplomas and Alberta birth certificates

All commissioners for oaths in our curated list offer services for free to 2SLGBTQ+ persons. Do note that if you seek another commissioner’s service, they can only legally charge you up to $5 per affidavit.

Contact a commissioner for oaths with Juritrans

If you need the services of a commissioner for oaths, you can visit our in-person Trans ID Clinic, offered notably in Montréal and Québec City.

Remote affidavits is not available for the time being through us.

This map was made possible by…

The Coalition des groupes jeunesse LGBTQ+ was behind the project that led, amongst other things, to this map being developed.

The Secrétariat à la condition féminine‘s financial contribution to the aforementioned Coalition has allowed this map to be developed.